Monday, November 12, 2012

happy diwali

i have had a few closed Indian friends back in campus. Teenesh, Loga and Ravyn. tomorrow is Deepavali and if any of you guys reading this, have a blast, boys. until we meet again. probably when we least expecting it! :P RINDUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Xiey, Ravyn here. Thank you and that is so sweet of you my friend. Sorry, tak dapat ajak ke rumah sebab this year me and my family just buat simple jer dlm family...tak grand sgt. Confirm next year will invite you & our other campus friends as well. Btw, Its "Deepavali Vaalthukkal"...bukan Vertikal...hahaha...we guys memang miss you la here. We will meet again very soon. Take care of yourself & good luck in your future projects ;)

    P.S: This blog of yours looks so cool and cute la...haha. Will visit here regularly after this :)

    1. hey ravyn!!
      please blame google! ive been googling for the right spelling and keluar semua VERTIKAL. hahahahaha. yes please visit me here anytime you want! *hugs!*

  2. Replies
    1. aah. and part VERTIKAL pun salah. dayyymmm! wakakakak!



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